How to Measure

How to Measure Diagram
  • Inset Mount: Measure both left and right sides and top and bottom. Use the shortest measurement of “L” (length) and “H” (height).
  • Surface Mount: Measure both left and right sides and top and bottom. Add 3 inches to the largest length and 3 inches to the longest height measurement.
  • Select a kit size larger that your measurements. Screen Kits will be custom-cut down to your specified measurements (to any size smaller than kit size selected). Example: For a Brown 36" x 81" door you order: ScreenEx Kit - SP-3882- 'BR'.
  • Select color: White (WT), Almond (AL) or Brown (BR) frame.
  • Inset and Surface mounting hardware included.
    Phiffer® Charcoal mesh are standard on all units.

How to Install:

Inset Mount

Inset Mounting Diagram

Surface Mount

Surface Mounting Diagram

Screens can be installed on exterior or interior of a structure, inside the frame (inset mount) or on the outside of the frame (surface mount). Handles are on both sides of the screen so you can open and close the screen from either side. When determining mounting style and postion be aware of handles and hardware on existing doors, standing area on both sides of the closed door/screen and which way permanent door opens. These will all contribute to your decision on mounting position and whether pulling right or left to open for side pull will be better for your needs. If ScreenEx screen is replacing an existing storm door, most times it is easiest to install ScreenEx where the old storm/screen door is installed.

  • Side Pull can be installed as a right pull or left pull. This can be decided at time of installation but may be a consideration when determining whether you mount on the exterior or interior of structure.
  • French Doors use 2 side pull units with a single track top and bottom. It is necessary to advise your Sales Associate that you are ordering for a French Door application when ordering. A stationary lock can be used to keep one screen locked while the other is used as an active doorway. Stationary locks are optional and recommended for a double door openings.
  • Patio Decks and Garage Doors: Up to 19' wide. Advise sales associate that your opening requires a extreme unit install.

Hand Tools Needed:Handyman - Member Tested and Recommended

  • Measuring Tape
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Level
  • Power Drill
  • Drill Bits – 3mm, 6mm, 10mm
  • Screwdriver or Phillips head bit for drill with 4inch shaft
  • Pliers
  • Safety Glasses

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Weekend Project - Install a rectactable screen door!

Click on the link above to download a PDF file of our Weekend Project Installation Guide.

You will need Adobe Reader to view or print the file.

Installation Steps:

  1. Drill, screw and snap the screen cassette in place - check for level and plumb.Step 1
  2. Drill, screw and snap side channel around frame - check for plumb.Step 2
  3. Slide screen open and close to test operation.Step 3

Your custom cut ScreenEx Screen will include detailed installation instructions.

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