Sale on Almond and Black Side Pull Doors

ScreenEx® Side Pull Retractable Door Screens

This is the perfect solution for high traffic openings. Side pull design is easy to open and close from either side of the screen.

ScreenEx Side Pull Door Screens move easily along 2 tracks and offer a variety of mounting styles to optimize your use of your doorway. Our screen secures open with a magnetic strip and retracts when released. ScreenEx Side Pull Screen Doors are offered as custom-built units.

Fits These Window Styles:

• Single Hinge (up to 6 feet wide) • In-swing • Out-swing • Patio (Slider) • Patio DecksHandyman - Member Tested and Recommended

  • Colors:
  • SALEAlmond
  • Brown
  • SALEBlack

Colors are approximate, not accurate to actual product. Ask for sample if color is critical.

Mounting Styles:

ScreenEx Side Pull Screen Doors can be installed to pull out from left or right. Mounting positions are also numerous. You choose what position best suits your needs. Please go to How to Measure for more information on mounting options and things to consider when deciding on mounting position.

Side Pull Single Hinge & Patio Sliders Diagram

Single & Patio Sliders

Single Cassette usually installs on hinge jamb or center bar of slides.

Many homeowners have considered installing a retractable screen door and have put it off as a cumbersome home improvement task to be completed at a later date. However, many homeowners aren't aware of the many benefits of retractable door screen installation:

Quick and easy installation.

Purchasing a retractable door screen is an instantly gratifying endeavor. 20 minutes and 6-12 screws later, you'll have a retractable screen door set up and ready to go.

Enjoy the glory of nature--without the bug bites and sunburn.

There's nothing better than being outside on a beautiful day, feeling a warm breeze graze your skin as birds chirp in the distance. But in the thick of summer, bugs and other pests make it near impossible to enjoy the outdoors, especially at night. Retractable door screens allow you to expand your living space during the summer months without having the deal with bothersome bugs and pests.
Not only will you skip the pesky bug bites, but you'll be saving yourself from a sunburn, too. Retractable fiberglass solar screens provide excellent protection from UV rays--over 75% to be exact. Now every meal enjoyed can be a casual picnic without having to slather on the sunscreen.

Increase your real estate value.

The addition of retractable door screens to your home can be a financial asset to your home. According to a study in 2013, 78% of homeowners who purchased a home that had a garage. In a different study, Remodeling Magazine revealed that there is an 83.7% return on investment for homeowners who replace their garage door. The addition of a retractable screen door can transform a garage into a comfortable living space, and a place to comfortably make automobile repairs without the threat of insects. Having a retractable screen garage door will be viewed as a desirable asset to potential home buyers.

The possibilities are endless.

Retractable screen doors aren't just for back doors. In fact, retractable door screens can be installed in a number of spaces around your home, such a french doors, garages, windows, patios, and even gazebos.

And retractable screen doors aren't just appropriate for residential use. They work great for restaurants, allowing customers to dine comfortably while still enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. In a recent survey, Study Hall Research found that 34% individuals aged between 25 and 34 will spend more money on food and drinks at an outdoor bar.

ScreenEx provides quality, easy-to-install, retractable screen door kits for all of your retractable screen needs. For more information on ScreenEx products and services, contact us today.

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Black and Almond On Sale
(up to 72" x 95")

Model# Size
(width x height)
Retail Price*
SP-3682 36" x 82" $329.00
SP-4882 48" x 82" $369.00
SP-6082 60" x 82" $419.00
SP-7282 72" x 82" $489.00
SP-4896 48" x 96" $439.00
SP-7296 72" x 96" $499.00

*Does not include shipping or sales tax. Prices subject to change. Please call to confirm pricing.

Freight carrier used for over 103" for shipping

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