ScreenEx® Retractable
French Door Screens

Now you can have a screen door for your French Door!

French doors are a beautiful, elegant addition to any home. Not only do they bring plentiful sunshine into every room, but they also can allow in a great deal of fresh air -- sometimes too much. When bugs, leaves, and unwanted elements come into the picture, people no longer want to keep their beautiful French doors open.

Luckily, retractable screens for French doors make this a worry of the past. Now it's easier to keep your French doors open at all times during the warm months without running the risk of letting bugs into the home.

Retractable screens for French doors are ideal, first and foremost, because of their simplicity. Traditional fixed screen doors are rigid and virtually impossible to successfully place on a French door, as the structure of the door won't allow for it. A retractable screen system, on the other hand, uses two ScreenEx side pull doors, allowing you to screen French doors up to eight feet high and 12 feet wide. To keep the door in use as a doorway, there is a stationary lock feature that lets you lock one side in the closed position, making it versatile and easy.

And speaking of versatility, retractable French door screens come in four different colors that will provide the added touch to any home, making the screen feel like part of the decor.

Retractable screens for French doors are also easy to install. Using two side pull units and a single top and bottom track, installation will only take 20 minutes, four to six screws and a few tools you have lying around the house!

Using two ScreenEx Side Pull Screen Doors you can screen French doors up to 8 ft. high by 12 ft. wide. A stationary lock can be used to keep one screen locked while the other is used as an active doorway. You must indicate that your order is for a French Door so that we can provide the proper tracks. Stationary locks are optional and recommended for double door openings.

A stationary lock allows you to lock one side in the closed position while keeping the other screen operational.

French doors use two side pull units.

  • Top and bottom slide bolt locks hold one screen side in center
  • Full top to bottom magnetic center seal holds both doors in center
  • Colors:
  • almond
  • brown
  • black

Colors are approximate, not accurate to actual product. Ask for sample if color is critical.

Mounting Styles:

You choose what position best suits your needs. Please go to How to Measure for more information on mounting options and things to consider when deciding on mounting position.

NOTE: Stationary locks must be ordered if you create a dual door using two kits.

French Door Side Pull Retractable Screens

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Model# Size
(width x height)
Retail Price*
SPF-3682RL 2 @ 36" x 82" $619.00
SPF-4882RL 2 @ 48" x 82" $639.00
SPF-6082RL 2 @ 60" x 82" $649.00
SPF-7282RL 2 @ 72" x 82" $699.00
SPF-4896RL 2 @ 48" x 96" $669.00
SPF-7296RL 2 @ 72" x 96" $739.00

*Does not include shipping or sales tax. Prices subject to change. Please call to confirm pricing.

Freight carrier used for over 103" for shipping

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