Why You Should Install a Garage Door Screen

For many homeowners, the garage is a space where they are able to relax and enjoy the summer weather, while grilling, fixing cars, or just hanging out. Unfortunately, with summer comes pesky insects, and they can make hosting a barbecue or working mechanically an unpleasant task. This can cause many homeowners to retreat into the house or abandon their projects for another day. For homeowners who don’t wish to be defeated by bugs, there are retractable garage door screens.

Retractable garage screen doors are a great line of defense against bugs, animals, leaves, and larger pollen, allowing homeowners to work in a safe and clean area in their garage. In a survey, Study Hall Research found that 43% of diners between the ages of 25 and 34 spend more on drinks at outdoor bars. Therefore, homeowners at cookouts are more likely to have a successful party when their friends eat outside. Of course, the screen allows sunlight and breezes through, making it the ideal door for summer activities.

In addition to converting garage space into living space, retractable garage door screens are convenient. Magnets hold the screen in place when it is pulled down, and when retracted to get a car in or out, the screen neatly rolls into a tube at the top or sides of the door. Some garage door screens even have a smaller door built into the middle, so that people can enter or exit without opening the entire screen. The average installation of a screen takes no more than 20 minutes, with only six to 12 screws utilized in the process.

Garage screen doors are affordable. Many companies offer financing to qualified buyers, and there are no additional installation fees. When asked, 71% of homeowners who had recently updated their garage door stated that the value of their home increased with the improvement.

Whether you are using your garage as a work space, a patio, or simply a nice shelter for grilling and eating out, an oversized door screen can make all the difference in your summer activities.