Why Screen Your Garage?

retractable garage door screenRetractable garage door screens are growing in popularity for summer use. Allowing people to work in their garages without being harassed by mosquitoes and flies, the retractable garage screen door is a revolutionary installation. Whether you use your garage for a workshop, a rec room, or just want to air out your house, if you live where summers are hot, the garage screen door is for you.

Retractable screen doors are incredibly durable. The most popular screen fabric, vinyl-coated fiberglass, doesn’t corrode, stain, or rust. Other common screen materials include aluminum, copper, fiberglass, or fabric mesh. You can even buy pet-resistant, vinyl-coated polyester screens to keep your pets from scratching the screens to bits.

Often overlooked in home renovations, the garage door is the largest moving object in a home. When surveyed, 71% of homeowners who recently replaced the garage door stated that it increased the value of the home. If replacing the garage door entirely is not logical for your lifestyle, updating it with a retractable garage door screen can also increase your home value.

Worried about a mess of mesh when your screen door is not in use? Retractable screen doors are undetectable from the street, as they are spring-loaded and roll back into a tubular casing. No bunches of fabric cluttering up the door frame! You don’t have to worry about stray animals scratching up your screen or birds nesting in it when it’s not in use, and it is easy to put the screen back in place to keep mosquitoes and other pests out of your garage and home.

Installing a retractable garage door screen is a great way to be sure you are getting full use of every room in your home. With a screen door installed on your garage, it might just replace the porch as your new favorite summer social gathering place!