Why Choose Retractable Screen Doors, Anyway?

When people are considering purchasing retractable screen doors for their porches, patios, and french doors, it’s very common for them to ask, “Why choose retractable screens?” Many closely associate fixed screen doors and porches with retractable screen doors; yet the truth is, the two could not be more different.

Here are three reasons why retractable door screens are the best option:

  1. Easy Installation
    With fixed screen doors, you often have to compromise your home’s original architectural integrity in order to make it work. Retractable screens, on the other hand, are easily installed and can be seamlessly incorporated into your home’s precious architectural design scheme. To install a retractable screen door, all you need is 20 minutes and 12 screws.
  2. Added Versatility
    Did you know that 78% of homeowners in 2013 purchased a home that included a garage? When it comes to garages, they aren’t just useful for stowing your car. Rather, with the right touches, an average 10-foot spaced garage can become an extra living room, playroom, or a place to lift weights. Retractable garage screen doors make that possible. Retractable garage screen doors have the same installation process and they too can be tucked away when not in use. Using the same principles, you can also make porches, gazebos, and other outdoor spaces a versatile indoor-outdoor room. With retractable door screens, you get the beauty of nature without the bugs and stifling UV rays.
  3. Enjoy What Matters Most
    Many of us want screens on our porches and doors in order to enjoy the wonders of nature without the unwanted elements. But in those moments when you don’t want the obstruction of a screen, such as during a sunset, it’s a great thing to be able to stow it away in minutes. Fixed door screens aren’t removable, but with retractable door screens, removal is just as easy as installation, and they can be compacted for stowaway during the winter.