Who Benefits From Screen Doors

For many homeowners, installing a new screen door is an update they wish to make, though they may not have gotten around to it yet. By installing retractable screens for french doors, porches, and windows, homeowners are able to expand their living space in the summer without dealing with bugs and other pests.

One of the biggest benefits of retractable door screens is that they are easy to install. While some screens can be large, and require more than one person to hold in place, the actual installation process is simple. With six to 12 screws and 20 spare minutes, anyone can install a retractable screen door for french doors, garages, and patios.

In addition to making a home more comfortable for the summer, installing screens for french doors and other points of entry can benefit the homeowner financially. When surveyed, 71% of homeowners who replaced their garage doors believe that it increased the value of the home. Garage door screens are often utilized to convert the garage into a comfortable living space, or to make vehicle repairs bug-free. This small change is a great way to increase the home’s resale value, as potential buyers will see the advantages of having a screened-in garage.

Of course, homeowners aren’t the only ones to benefit from retractable window and door screens. Screening in a patio is a great way for restaurants to help their patrons eat comfortably while enjoying the summer weather. In addition to protecting food and beverages from bugs and pollen, a screened-in patio allows diners to enjoy the breeze. Recently, Study Hall Research, a Tampa research firm, conducted a study of 439 diners with FSR Magazine. The study showed that 43% of diners between the ages of 25 and 34 tend to spend more on drinks at outdoor bars.

While not everyone is serving alcohol in their backyards, it is true that a screen door can benefit every homeowner who installs one. Talk to your home improvement contractor about investing in retractable screens today.