How To Turn Your Garage Into a Sweet Party Venue

A report in 2013 showed that 78% of new homeowners bought a house with a garage. Garages are a great place to shelter your cars, store your tools, or even keep your valuables safe. But what do you do with an unused garage? If you’re the type who loves to host parties, here are some things you can do to turn your boring garage into a sweet party venue.

The first step when renovating your garage into a party hall is to clean it out. This may be a good opportunity to look through the things you have stored in your garage and decide whether or not you need them. Once your garage is cleared out, customize your party hall to your liking. You can set up an entertainment system, or install a killer sound system if your party guests like to dance. Put curtains up on any windows that may be in your garage to add a pop of color and cover up the harsh sun. Installing a mini fridge in your garage helps keeps the drinks cool, and can store any leftover groceries when the fridge in the kitchen is full. If your parties always involve alcohol, install a bar into the garage. Just be sure to stock up on juice for the little ones!

Staying outside during the warm summer nights has one major flaw: the bugs. If you want to keep your new party venue open, you may want to consider investing in a retractable garage door screen. Garage door screens are a great way to keep bugs out while allowing the fresh outdoor air in. A garage door screen can also help during the sunny days, as fiberglass garage door screens provide over 75% of UV protection. Fiberglass retractable screens have a life of about 12 to 15 years, so the parties won’t ever have to stop.