How to Convert Your Garage to a Patio

retractable screen doorsSummer is the best season for socializing, with longer days and balmy weather. Many people host dinner parties outdoors to enjoy the evening breeze and the scent of flowers and other plants. Unfortunately, many outdoor dinner parties and cookouts attract unwanted guests in the form of flies, wasps, and ants. These pests can drive people back into their stuffy homes and prevent them from enjoying nature. One solution is to turn the garage into a closed patio. With screens in good repair, mosquitoes and other insects will be kept out of living areas.

Retractable screen doors made of fiberglass, fabric mesh, copper, and aluminum are all available for garage installation, expanding the living area of the home. By installing a retractable garage door screen, homeowners can use the garage for their cookouts, while keeping annoying insects away from the food. The screen door allows the breeze to come in, and allows the smoke to go out, while deterring bugs and pollen that could contaminate the food. Some screens even lower energy costs and cool down the room in which they are installed.

Retractable screen doors are a great solution for purposes other than dining. Retractable screens can be installed with french doors or sliding glass doors that lead outside to pool and yard areas, allowing parents to listen for their children playing outside. Of course, young children should always be supervised around swimming pools for safety reasons.

Retractable screen doors aren’t just for homeowners. Restaurants and bars frequently install them in their outdoor dining areas, making it easier for patrons to enjoy their meals without the constant slamming of a traditional screen door. Retractable oversized screens are ideal for farm use, keeping flies and rodents from entering a barn without sacrificing the airflow that is crucial for the health of livestock.

Retractable screen doors are a great way to ensure everyone’s enjoyment of summer. Keeping pests away from seasonal activities without blocking the sunlight and breezes, screen doors are the unsung heroes of the season. Leave your favorite summer activity in the comments!