Turning Your Garage Into a Living Space Has Never Been Easier

Most houses have garages; in fact, 78% of 2013 home sales included the addition of a garage. But a traditional garage isn’t exactly an imaginative design space. Typically, garages fulfill only a few functions; namely, a place to stash your car, tools, junk, and that old refrigerator you’ve been meaning to throw out since 1997.

But what if you could make more of the ample space your garage offers? Perhaps you have been looking to create a playroom for the kids, a home gym, or a space where you can escape to, cozy up, and binge on your Netflix favorites. Believe it or not, it’s possible for your garage to become whatever space you desire, and so much more. While garage conversion can be an expensive endeavor, if approached mindfully, a homeowner can spend as little as a few thousand with minimal renovations.

So what opens up a room and gives it life? Windows and circulation. Anyone who has been inside of a garage or two in their lifetime can tell you they are typically damp, musty spaces with minimal natural light and poor ventilation. Luckily, the solution to this is simple. The best way to open up a garage space is by adding a retractable door screen.

Retractable garage door screens are the affordable and convenient way to convert any musty, dusty garage into an airy, light-filled room. Garage door screens adhere to planned community by-laws and housing ordinances, and require relatively little construction, assembly time, and planning. Anyone can install a garage door screen. On average, garage door screens take a maximum of 20 minutes and only require a basic knowledge of tools for easy construction.

The average garage is about 10-feet wide; imagine the possibilities that a retractable door screen can afford those 10 feet.