Outdoor Dining Options Can Benefit Restaurants

With so many factors to worry about, why should restaurant owners focus on accommodating outdoor diners? According to recent statistics, patrons will actually drop more cash on food and beverages when dining outdoors — around 43% of diners between the age of 25 and 34, in fact. And among vacationers, the data is even more compelling; 82% of individuals surveyed reported that they are inclined to eat outdoors while on vacation.

But in order to ensure that outdoor seating does indeed increase profit margins, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Luxury Means Thoroughness
A lovely view of the water is one thing, but without proper accommodations kept in mind, outdoor seating can be rendered futile. Heat lamps, outdoor fire pits, TVs and retractable screen doors for porches and patios can help to control the outdoor experience, making it a pleasurable and luxurious experience for outdoor diners. Heat lamps will help to keep customers sitting outdoors long into the autumn months, and retractable door screens will help to keep unwanted wind, debris, and pesky bugs from infiltrating customers’ dining experience.

Comfort Trumps All
While heat lamps and fire pits can control the temperature of outdoor dining settings, sometimes more uncontrollable elements of nature can provide discomfort to diners. During the summer months in particular, bugs, pollen, birds, and other pests may bother diners, making their dining experience both unpleasant and uncomfortable. Retractable screen doors can help to increase the patrons’ comforts. Since retractable screen doors are so easy to install — with up to 20 minutes of installation — they function as an affordable and viable means of facilitating an outdoor dining experience. Retractable door screens are typically comprised of aluminum and fiberglass; since fiberglass has up to 75% UV ray protection capabilities, it serves as a viable means of keeping cooling costs lower and adequately shading customers.

For any full-service restaurant, outdoor dining is a profitable and desirable seating accommodation. And with the help of retractable door screens, it becomes an easy and affordable reality that will soon maximize your profits and increase your patronage.