Garage Screen Doors: Turn your garage into extra living space

Can a garage screen door really help you enjoy your home more than you already are? As you read more, you’ll come to understand how easy ScreenEX® Extra-Wide retractable screen doors can turn your home into your dream home.

In the past, homeowners who desired to screen off wide areas of their homes could only purchase rigid frame sliding or stationary screens. I most instances these types of screens were in violation of local ordinances or community by-laws prohibiting visible fixed, hinge, or sliding type screens “outside” of the garage door when closed.

There was only one choice because technology had not come up with a better alternative. Until now, ScreenEx®, the next generation of garage screen doors, gives you a choice of screen doors that will let you expand your living space. Its retractable garage screen door allows you create a play room for your kids, an office to work from home, or a recreation room.

ScreenEx® offers you custom made retractable screens you can install yourself. They’re the perfect alternative to those old fashion sliding and stationary screens. They’re ordinance and community by-law friendly because their retractable design adheres to all screen door ordinances and community by-laws.

The screen retracts completely into a slim cassette that blends evenly with opening. You only notice it when you’re using it. Imagine having the freedom to choose when to use your screen door.

In addition, the retractable screen door can fit any opening. This allows you to easily expand your living space. This means that you can convert your garage into a play room for the kids.

There’s no bottom track to install. This means you won’t trip over any parts or have to clean anything. Create a bug free area. Whether you want to enclose a patio or a gazebo, you can do it without any worries.

When you want to turn your garage into an office or make a man cave, there will always be ventilation.

If you have uneven floors, there’s an adjustable bottom latch. Makes great screening ventilation for your work space.

They’re made of durable material. If you anyone, especially children, accidently walks into the screen, the screen gives way to the pressure and then slides back into place.

There are many mounting options. You can mount inside or outside the frame. You can mount it on the interior of most doors or windows. This means you can use the screen to cover virtually any large space in your home.

As you can see, a ScreenEx® retractable garage screen door can turn your home into your dream home. Contact us today so we can start making your dreams come true.