Enjoy the Last Months of Summer with Retractable Door Screens

With the cicadas singing their winged song and the air thick with humidity, August is a sad reminder that summer is indeed winding down. Now is the time to get in your last licks at the summer barbecues and splash around in the pool, because soon enough, Autumn will be upon us.

But for your final dinner soirees, there comes a problem or two. Who can enjoy a delicious plate of barbecue with those August mosquitoes buzzing about? And how about that almost oppressive humidity? For even the most chipper outdoor enthusiasts, those elements are enough to scare anyone away.

Luckily, there are ways to bask in the beauty of the outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of indoor living. The answer lays in retractable screen doors.

The addition of retractable screens can turn a regular old porch into an outdoor-indoor oasis, free of the bugs, intense UV rays, and humidity that occur beyond the screens. Fiberglass screen doors are capable of blocking up to 75% of the sun’s UV rays, and it also does the trick of repelling insects. For dinner parties especially, this is an ideal environment.

Picture this: you have assembled your now indoor porch to look like the ideal picnic setting, with gingham tablecloths and candles for a touch of romance (no Citronella here! It won’t be necessary). In the distance, you hear birds chirping their late summer songs, and surrounding you are delicious plates of food and your loved ones. Without worrying about intense heat and bugs, dining is easy and enjoyable. This is all made possible by retractable screens for porches.

And the benefits of retractable screens for porches don’t end there. Not only do they allow you to enjoy the benefits of outdoors while keeping pests away, but they are also affordable and easy to install. In fact, it takes a mere 20 minutes max to install a retractable screen for your porch.

How will you end your summer — surrounded by biting insects, or enjoying the outdoors the right way?