Enjoy the Fresh Air on Your Porch (But Not the Bugs) With Retractable Screens

There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting out on your front porch and enjoying the fresh air. However, that experience becomes less and less enjoyable when the sun goes down, and the mosquitoes begin to come out, or when the bees buzzing around your flowers are suddenly buzzing around you.

But you don’t have to give up and go inside. You can still enjoy a nice evening on the porch, without the bugs. And how do you do that? Install retractable screens on your porch.

Retractable window screens are easy to install, and only require small tacks or staples and narrow wood battens to attach. Anyone can install these retractable screens, as long as they have some basic tool knowledge. They are not very heavy, but they are large, and will likely require an assistant.

Retractable screens for porches can be made in a variety of sizes, so they will perfectly fit your porch. They’re also available in different colors, to match with the preexisting decor. When not in use, the screens roll back into a tubular casing. They can be operated by a simple pull chain, or can even be motorized for remote control or push-button operation.

Most screens today are made of vinyl-coated fiberglass, so they won’t corrode, rust, or stain. However, if you’re worried about your pets shredding your screens, you can invest in some heavier-duty pet-proof screens. Your retractable screens are made of materials that are safe for both your children and your pets.

The luxury of a having a porch with retractable window screens will open up many new opportunities for the use of that space. You can set up a table and chairs and enjoy a meal al fresco, without having to worry about sharing your food with insects. Retractable window screens and retractable door screens help to expand your living space, and open your home up to the beauty of the outside world.