3 Ways to Transform Your Home Using Retractable Screens

It’s no secret that retractable screen doors are the convenient, easily installed, and affordable option for windows and doors. Yet few understand how versatile retractable screens really are.

Here are three ways you can use retractable screen doors in your home:

Most houses these days have garages; in fact, 78% of new homeowners bought a house with a garage in 2013 alone. What many don’t realize about this typically 10-foot space is that it holds a world of potential. Aside from mere car storage, a garage has the potential to become an entirely different living space. Whether it be a playroom, home gym, or a place to relax, all a garage needs to transform are retractable garage door screens. Plus, the addition of a retractable screen has the potential of adding value to your home, since over 70% of homeowners believe that new garages increase their home’s real estate value.

French Doors
Because french doors blur the lines between indoors and out when it comes to bugs, breezes, and all of the other unwanted aspects of the outdoor elements, who wants to keep the doors wide open? French doors with screens become a viable option for those who want to enjoy the beauty and openness of French doors without the unwanted extras. French doors with screens are retractable and have the same easy installation as other retractable door screens. All you need is 20 minutes, 12 screws, and you’re good to go.

The porch is an excellent space for gathering with friends, or cozying up with a refreshing beverage and a page-turning novel. But like French doors, we don’t always want to be completely outside. Retractable screens for porches give you the ability to create a versatile indoor-outdoor space that gives you the best of both worlds.